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Multimedia digital Informatization has become an indispensable condition, and its scale and application level have become an important indicator to measure the comprehensive strength of school teaching and research. The rational use of multimedia integrated machine technology can help schools expand the scale of schooling, save teachers’ human resources, improve teachers’ work efficiency, and improve […]

Application background: Today, with the rapid development of information technology, people’s daily life is more and more closely integrated with the network and information. With the booming tourism industry and frequent business travel activities, guests staying at the hotel are not solving accommodation problems, but also solving entertainment. Business issues, in business, from senior management […]

With the development of commercial and consumer environments, advertising needs are also growing, digital, networked, and information-based multimedia advertising machines have become a highlight of the advertising media market. In the domestic digital signage market, network size and application interaction are the development direction. Demand analysis LCD advertising machines have more scattered economic organizations in […]

In recent years, as digital signage has gradually replaced traditional paper propaganda, it has become more and more popular among customers in different fields. In particular, wall-mounted advertising machines have successfully provided professional touch-sensitive products and solutions, which have been increasingly recognized and used by the advertising industry. Its scientific and technological sense has left […]

Six In One Education Interactive whiteboard With the development of educational technology, the teaching model has developed rapidly. With the continuous development of high technology, a kind of science and technology integrating electricity, light and image has been inadvertently entered into the school, fully applied to the teaching of various subjects, and has been vigorously […]

LED advertising display system LED display has become one of the most powerful advertising channels as a new generation of digital media. The LED display is bright and bright, providing stunning visual effects and attracting more passers-by to maximize media value and highlight the commercial value of media resources. LED video wall LED video wall […]

1.Calibration: 9-point calibration, high positioning accuracy, advanced calibration algorithm 2. Document: New, Open, Edit, Save 3. Writing pen: ordinary pen, pen, brush, magic pen, laser pen, creative pen, highlighter, graphic recognition pen, Chinese handwriting recognition pen, customizable pen color, width 4. Eraser: erase, selective erase, clear page 5.Basic graphics: round, rectangular, isosceles triangle, right triangle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, […]

High degree of equipment integration; 2, dustproof, anti-theft, anti-bumping, convenient storage; 3, strong mobility, fully realized resource sharing, greatly improving the utilization of equipment; 4, easy to operate, simple and easy to control. Do not take up space and other advantages. 5, high economy With it, anytime, anywhere to carry out multimedia teaching is no […]

Qeoyo’s “Interactive Classroom System” adopts a new networked and information-based teaching environment, and meets various teaching environments such as classroom interactive teaching, group collaborative learning, and student personalized learning. It is designed to include a classroom. Activity design, interactive learning, primary school cooperative learning, classroom feedback and other functions, as well as cross-platform system software […]

Guangzhou Liangshi Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on high-tech companies in touch product development, production and sales. The touch team has rich touch panel and panel integration and mass production experience; now offers a variety of touch solutions: All In One PC, education integrated machine, LED display, vertical advertising machine, and other solutions. Integrate and establish […]