Multimedia has gradually entered the educational life of kindergartens and has become an indispensable tool for the teaching of modern kindergartens. It not only updates the teaching methods and methods, but also improves the quality of teaching, can display teaching materials more vividly, mobilize the children’s interest in learning, and play a great role in teaching teachers.
   First, the use of multimedia-assisted teaching, creating contexts lead to early childhood learning.

 “Attention is the gateway to knowledge” and “interest is the best teacher.” For young children, learning interest is often the direct motivation for their learning. However, interest and motivation are not inherently intrinsic, but are caused by the novelty and uniqueness of external things to satisfy the child’s need for inquiry psychology. The rational use of “multimedia” can optimize these factors and better stimulate children’s interest in learning. I often use multimedia to take advantage of the combination of pictures, texts, sounds and images to create an atmosphere full of emotions and immersiveness for children, and to stimulate the senses of children in multiple directions.

In a specific situation, children can not only obtain a large number of vivid, vivid and specific appearances, but also can feel the infection of a specific atmosphere, the thinking of active children, stimulate the curiosity of young children, and stimulate the motivation of children. In the middle shift calculation activity “Number Matching and Sorting”, in order to consolidate the child’s understanding of the number within 5, the understanding of the number can represent the number of objects. I have five cocks, four cows, five pigs and other small animals on the computer, let the children talk about it, and then let the computer appear some beautiful flowers in turn for the children to appear.