Qeoyo: About us

Guangzhou Liangshi Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on high-tech companies in touch product development, production and sales. The touch team has rich touch panel and panel integration and mass production experience; now offers a variety of touch solutions: All In One PC, education integrated machine, LED display, vertical advertising machine, and other solutions. Integrate and establish a professional after-sales service team to provide better touch panels and humanized interactive interface to provide comprehensive touch solutions and high-quality touch panel products for the global touch market.

Mainly used in 3D holographic fan, interactive touch computer, interactive touch machine, intelligent education machine, LED display, digital advertising screen, etc. The customers are at home and abroad and are exported to Europe, America, Australia, India and other countries and regions.

QEOYO has a high degree of vertical integration resources, combined with the use of advanced foreign materials, can achieve larger size mass production such as 32~98 inch, etc., maintain foreign technical cooperation and exchange, etc., maintain close cooperation with capacitive touch panel manufacturers in China, support Customized non-standard shaped panels, allowing customers to enjoy a single and personalized highly customized design to enhance the competitive value of the customer market!

QEOYO will focus on upgrading advanced touch technology, strengthening production capacity, and efficient management system with a global cooperation concept. Customer first, quality excellence is the service concept, enhancing the company’s core competitiveness, people-oriented, serving the world!\

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