1. High degree of equipment integration;
    2, dustproof, anti-theft, anti-bumping, convenient storage;
    3, strong mobility, fully realized resource sharing, greatly improving the utilization of equipment;
    4, easy to operate, simple and easy to control. Do not take up space and other advantages.
    5, high economy With it, anytime, anywhere to carry out multimedia teaching is no longer a dream!
    According to the actual characteristics of ordinary primary and secondary schools, carry and be flexible! It completely replaces the traditional complex teaching mode such as “Projection + Computer + Amplifier Audio + Electronic Podium + HD Video Booth”, and only needs one device to meet the needs of multimedia teaching! It is a new generation of high-tech alternative products that all schools buy and can afford.
    6, high integration With it, your classroom has become more spacious and bright!
    Meet the requirements of conventional projector hoisting, and integrate multimedia devices such as projectors, amplifiers, audio, computers, etc., without the need for electronic lectures, LCD monitors and other equipment to occupy valuable classroom space, clean and tidy!
    7, high convenience, easy to operate With it, your classroom becomes a multimedia classroom at any time! Can log in to the Internet at any time.
    Teachers only need to plug in the power and network cable, and use it immediately.
    8, high security With it, you do not have to worry about any security theft!
    According to the principle of “use it by class, go to class”, carry it with you and move it safely. From then on, you can carry out multimedia teaching at any time!
    9, high utilization With it, your multimedia teaching has entered the “student multimedia” era!
    The device fully embodies the new features of resource sharing, and solves the problem of low utilization of equipment or insufficient equipment. It can be used in any classroom, and students can participate in the whole process of multimedia teaching!