Qeoyo’s “Interactive Classroom System” adopts a new networked and information-based teaching environment, and meets various teaching environments such as classroom interactive teaching, group collaborative learning, and student personalized learning. It is designed to include a classroom. Activity design, interactive learning, primary school cooperative learning, classroom feedback and other functions, as well as cross-platform system software that provides learning resource content, and implement software using hardware tools such as wireless mobile terminal devices such as handheld learning terminals, group collaboration classrooms, and virtual classroom platforms. System function

In the classroom teaching environment, teachers use the “interactive classroom system” system for teaching cloud management, teaching activities and their tools, resources and teaching model design, courseware design, classroom teaching, classroom assessment and after-school reflection and other teaching activities. Students use the handheld learning terminal device to directly connect with the teacher through the wireless receiver to realize classroom activity design, interactive learning, group discussion, teaching interaction, and classroom evaluation;

Through the Qeoyo “Interactive Classroom System”, students hold hands-on learning devices, interactive multimedia teaching integrated devices and other equipment to build a future classroom based on innovative learning.