1.Calibration: 9-point calibration, high positioning accuracy, advanced calibration algorithm

2. Document: New, Open, Edit, Save

3. Writing pen: ordinary pen, pen, brush, magic pen, laser pen, creative pen, highlighter, graphic recognition pen, Chinese handwriting recognition pen, customizable pen color, width

4. Eraser: erase, selective erase, clear page

5.Basic graphics: round, rectangular, isosceles triangle, right triangle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, dynamic adjustment of border thickness, color, fill color

6. Geometric functions: sine, cosine, tangent, natural logarithm, quadratic, power of 2

7. Annotation: directly write annotations, graphic annotations, video playback annotations in any application; ppt, word, excel annotations save the original format

8. Text: Support various fonts, fonts, font sizes, colors, simple formulas

9. Additional functions: pull screen, spotlight, screen recorder, screen soft keyboard, screenshots, support for sending files to e-mail, support for clock, support for drawing tools such as ruler, triangle, compass, protractor

10. Multimedia: Support video or Flash format such as avi, wmv, mpg, mov, swf

11. Hyperlink: Add word, ppt, excel, internet hyperlink to the document page

12. Image: Supports BMP, RLE, DIB, GIF, JPG, JPEG and other image formats and can zoom, move and rotate, lock and unlock the image.

13. Storage: Support EWB, BMP, PDF, PPT, HTML, etc.

14. Edit Action Replay: Replay the contents of the whiteboard

15. Undo and restore: Undo or restore the previous action

16. Index function: can view, edit, copy, paste, delete and sort, etc.

17. Print function: You can print documents, including print settings and print previews

18. Language: Available in simplified Chinese or English, but also available in other languages.