LED advertising display system

LED display has become one of the most powerful advertising channels as a new generation of digital media. The LED display is bright and bright, providing stunning visual effects and attracting more passers-by to maximize media value and highlight the commercial value of media resources.

LED video wall

LED video wall provides delicate and smooth images, vivid and colorful colors bring amazing visual performance, enhance advertising value and highlight the value of commercial resources. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, LED video walls are used in large shopping malls, television studios, airports, train stations, convention centers, theaters, entertainment centers, concert halls, control rooms, universities, banks, churches, restaurants, and more. Its stunning images not only present advertising messages, attracting the attention of passers-by, but also improve the appearance of the installation site and enhance the brand image.

LED outdoor billboard

LED billboards are usually installed next to the highway to display static or dynamic images. LED billboards have excellent display effects that can increase advertising revenue and attract high-end customers. Reduce operational and maintenance costs through a network information platform, centralized control platform, remote monitoring and diagnostic platform.

LED advertising kiosk information release

LED advertising kiosks, innovative solutions for integrated design have expanded the use of LED displays, such as bus shelters, newsstands, and city information release columns. Its vivid images increase appeal and increase advertising revenue