In recent years, as digital signage has gradually replaced traditional paper propaganda, it has become more and more popular among customers in different fields. In particular, wall-mounted advertising machines have successfully provided professional touch-sensitive products and solutions, which have been increasingly recognized and used by the advertising industry. Its scientific and technological sense has left a deep impression on many users. As a professional advertising machine manufacturer, Qeoyo follows the trend and conforms to the market, launching the “wall-mounted touch integrated machine (customizable)”.

Wall-mounted advertising machine appearance

The wall-mounted one-piece machine is exquisite and elegant, and the fashion is versatile: the white glass is simple and clean, with a champagne gold frame, and it is like a golden plate. With a variety of store decoration styles, the style of the painting blends together and there is no sense of disobedience.
Ultra-thin wall installation, bid farewell to crowded: slim body, adapt to a lot of places, free to place, will not occupy your own space.
Looks like a picture frame, retro and smart: When the retro meets intelligence, when the product is displayed in the painting, think about the picture, picturesque, give your product extra points.

Wall mount LCD Advertising Features

Wall mounted LCD Display High-definition picture quality, 360-degree experience of vision and hearing: the eye-catching 1080P resolution, the unobtrusive detail display; built-in high-fidelity stereo, clear sound quality everywhere.
The ultra-wide-angle display has no distortion, and the value of the image is still: 178° viewing angle display, satisfying the omnidirectional angle viewing, the vision is large and small, and the impact is strong.
Touch fast response, non-stop: support multi-touch, make the touch more brisk, smooth system using cutting-edge technology, query for large-capacity data, response speed is also a finger, no need to wait.
Intelligent split screen, one screen multi-purpose: flexible split screen mode, different split screen areas can play different formats such as pictures, videos, etc.; according to your actual needs, set the split screen reasonably, let more people for you stay.
Wireless WIFI transmission: a new online version, intelligent frontier, WIFI network connection, enjoy the rapid new experience of the Internet.
The wall-mounted touch one-time advertising machine can be used to switch on and off the machine in advance, and set the program source in advance: intelligent on/off switch for all hours and days, saving time and electricity; accurately delivering content according to time period, effectively conveying