LCD advertising machine solution

With the development of commercial and consumer environments, advertising needs are also growing, digital, networked, and information-based multimedia advertising machines have become a highlight of the advertising media market. In the domestic digital signage market, network size and application interaction are the development direction.

Demand analysis

LCD advertising machines have more scattered economic organizations in the domestic society: department stores, services, catering, manufacturing and other fields have such characteristics, among which the advertising machine products provided by Qeoyo are widely used in various industrial fields. The existence of a large number of small and scattered social production and service units has determined that a large number of stand-alone advertising products still have a large market.
The accurate advertising of media advertisements is to use the screen media + face recognition camera laid in public places, combined with the terminals of the big data analysis platform, to analyze the surrounding traffic, gender, age, residence time, arrival rate, etc. Based on this data, brand advertisements or push campaigns can be accurately placed to target demand customers.

Application function

Utilize the multimedia management platform and the Internet to remotely monitor and manage the terminal, and effectively monitor the playback of the terminal, reducing the cost of door-to-door, and saving operating costs.
1. Center control
The remote system deploys advertising machines to develop differentiated, cross-regional, and various terminal playback strategies.
2, program management
Mainly to produce programs, release programs, audit management, system monitoring, terminal playback.
3, content management
Unified and integrated management of all types of program content required for new advertising services on LED advertising screens.
 4, schedule management
Log monitoring and management of each content of Led Screen Display.
 5, fault handling
Cross-regional system-wide state monitoring, emergency fault remote processing, two-way authorization management, online system upgrade, and other system-wide supervision and control.
 6, rights management
Set permissions for each administrator, such as monitoring, interface design, task management, user management, etc.

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