Application background:

Today, with the rapid development of information technology, people’s daily life is more and more closely integrated with the network and information. With the booming tourism industry and frequent business travel activities, guests staying at the hotel are not solving accommodation problems, but also solving entertainment. Business issues, in business, from senior management to general marketing staff, have a common desire to work in the room. In terms of entertainment, guests want to freely choose to enjoy their favorite audio and video programs, and hope to get information and entertainment on the Internet. In this way, the choice of the hotel is to pay attention to the construction of the infrastructure, and colleagues are increasingly concerned about the construction of entertainment and business electronic touch-one facilities in the node rooms.

Construction significance:

The hotel industry is moving towards digitalization, networking and informationzation. The needs of customers are becoming more and more diverse. The hotel digital interactive environment system platform in the information age has emerged. Multimedia information can effectively enhance the communication between hotels and guests. The overall image and competitiveness of the hotel, the hotel multimedia information release system should provide passengers with a full range of information services, Qeoyo LCD advertising machine has become a new highlight of the advertising media market, applied by major hotel companies; hotel information release The system can place various touch-one machines, self-service terminals and LCD advertising Display in the lobby, stairwell, floor and conference halls. The system uniformly recommends hotel advertisements, latest activities and latest products to consumer promotions. The local service information, including the facilities, has become one of the standard features of high-end hotels.

Operating place:

Hotel lobby, elevator entrance, restaurant, hotel private room, conference room, corridor