Multimedia digital Informatization has become an indispensable condition, and its scale and application level have become an important indicator to measure the comprehensive strength of school teaching and research. The rational use of multimedia integrated machine technology can help schools expand the scale of schooling, save teachers’ human resources, improve teachers’ work efficiency, and improve schooling. Gradually introduce modern educational integrated machine facilities and equipment into the classroom, which is applied to classroom teaching, so that the teaching content integrates the functions of text, image, animation and other information (all in one touch screen pc), the image is clear, the dynamic sense is strong, the amount of information is large, and the interest is large. And high efficiency has changed the way students learn. It also provides necessary means for adjusting the regional education layout structure, optimizing the allocation of educational resources, and achieving the overall balanced development of regional education.

Today, with the rapid development of high technology, breaking the traditional old educational equipment teaching mode, creating a healthy and joyful learning environment for children’s learning and growth, stimulating children’s interest in learning has become more and more educators and technology research and development enterprises. Concerned and valued issues. Some education experts have pointed out that the future teaching tools should be healthier, more convenient, more efficient, more humane and interactive. The Banbantong multimedia system consisting of multimedia integrated machine and interactive whiteboard has the above characteristics, which solves the firmware problem when using courseware and slides and curtain projection teaching, and improves the boring atmosphere of the traditional blackboard teaching classroom. The disadvantages of students’ low efficiency and the disadvantages of teachers and students being less interactive.