The electronic whiteboard is becoming a propeller for the education equipment industry

The interactive electronic whiteboard, which knows more about education than we do, determines the future of a country and is the basic project of national talent construction in the 21st century.How to fully improve students’ learning enthusiasm, promote the progress of education, with the help of teaching tools, the innovation of teaching methods has played an important role.

From blackboard to whiteboard, from whiteboard to electronic whiteboard, from electronic whiteboard to interactive electronic whiteboard, through continuous innovation and reform, interactive electronic whiteboard has become a powerful auxiliary tool for information education.Radially dispersed to nearly 100 enterprises in neighboring cities, conducted a comprehensive and in-depth survey on the application status of interactive electronic whiteboard.After three days of investigation, the team came back with comforting news that interactive whiteboard applications were expanding and the product market was responding well.This news to the whiteboard industry staff excited at the same time also let us understand: interactive electronic whiteboard has become a new favorite educational information.

For the application of interactive electronic whiteboard, many education experts have made in-depth discussions, summarized the main functions of interactive electronic whiteboard for the following four points:

First, the use of interactive whiteboard technology instant convenient and flexible to attract various types of digital information resources, and can be flexibly the multimedia material editing group, display and control, it makes the digital resources presented is more flexible, also solved the multimedia projection system environment in the past, the use of courseware and slide notes high solidification structure of teaching materials.

Second, the interactive electronic whiteboard can realize the instant storage of blackboard writing content.Any text, graphics or inserted pictures written on the whiteboard can be saved to hard disk or mobile storage device for next class, next school year or in other classes or Shared with other teachers;It can also be distributed to students in electronic format or in print for review after class or as a review material.

Thirdly, the interactive whiteboard technology makes the blackboard which used to be monotonous in color, and the teaching presentation is only limited to handwritten words and hand-painted graphics become colorful, which can not only be as free as before, but also display and edit digital pictures and videos, which will be beneficial to improve students’ interest in learning and make teaching effective.

Fourth, the interactive whiteboard application makes the operation and access to the computer more convenient in the teaching process. The whiteboard system, network and other computer applications complement each other, encouraging teachers and students to use the computer as a tool for cognition and exploration, which will certainly build students’ new understanding and solutions.

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