With the continuous development of science and technology, teaching application equipment is constantly updated, from the traditional blackboard teaching to multimedia classroom, and now the interactive touch teaching, the equipment is more and more advanced, the teaching level is also higher and higher, the classroom interaction and fun is increasingly enhanced.

Electronic whiteboard teaching touch all-in-one PC as a new high-tech touch teaching equipment, belongs to a computer-integrated product that is also very popular on the market in recent years touch screen an all-in-one product that integrates computer, TV, touch screen, audio, multimedia, Internet and other functions into an organic whole, with fashionable appearance and displaying hd, the operation is simple, powerful, easy to install, etc.

Different from general computer-integrated products, electronic whiteboard teaching touch all-in-one PC configuration of various application software, such as: electronic whiteboard software, remote video software, multimedia playback software, etc., can be directly use finger or stylus directly in the screen of the machine, in addition, in order to meet the requirements of the teacher teaching, software also built a lot of teaching resources, to facilitate teachers to carry out the teaching better.

Electronic whiteboard teaching touch all-in-one machine product features and advantages: 

1. Protect the eyesight of teachers and students.The use of LED LCD technology, LG industrial hd A screen, high contrast, brightness, resolution, so that students can easily comfortable see all the content on the large screen within 180 degrees, improve the traditional LCD dullness without dazzling.

2. More fluent than blackboard writing.With the most advanced infrared 6-point touch screen with the highest cost performance, there will be no disconnecting, sticking and drifting in writing and painting. Like a blackboard, 6 students can write and save the content at the same time.

3. It’s easier than computer annotation.In the use of word, PPT and other speech documents, cable speed’s handwriting software is still applicable, so that the electronic whiteboard teaching all-in-one machine annotation can directly write notes on different pages, reducing the complexity of ordinary computer document annotation modification, and handwriting touch operation is easier.

4. Higher and more stable configuration.Standard ratio from the market manufacturers of the product average fast 27%, and the use of very high stability of Intel high frequency CPU, technical H81 computer motherboard, in the software use or multimedia playback to enjoy a pleasant sense of fluency.

5. A good life of ten years.Regardless of the use of infrared touch screen, LG LCD screen, desktop host configuration, aluminum shell, assembly and manufacturing process, are 100% pure industrial design.

The progress of The Times, the development of science and technology, often will bring great changes to our lives.The wide application of electronic whiteboard teaching touch all-in-one machine in the teaching field has changed the traditional teaching mode, innovated the multimedia teaching method, greatly improved the teaching efficiency, and become a great power to promote the cultural communication.