What is an interactive flat panel?

The interactive flat panel takes the hd LCD screen as the display and operation platform, has the function of writing comments, drawing, multimedia entertainment, network conference and other functions, and integrates the man-machine interactive flat panel display, multimedia information processing and network transmission and other technologies. It is the preferred solution for the interactive demonstration of text and text in office teaching in the information age.

Interactive flat panel application features

In the office, this machine integrates projector, electronic white board, screen, speaker, TV, computer and many other meeting room office equipment, not only to simplify the complex, make the meeting room environment more simple and comfortable, but also do not take up space;At the same time, the display features of high definition, high brightness and high contrast solve the problem that traditional projector equipment relies too much on the light in the display and can realize the cross-space transmission of the live audio and video of the meeting and the content written on the screen through the Internet, so as to perfectly interpret the remote video conference.

In teaching, its high-definition display screen solves the problem of dazzling light in front of the projector. Without blind spots, IT can fully touch and interact with the whole process, which makes teaching lively and interesting. Its built-in massive teaching resources such as physical and chemical IT and intuitive images can greatly save teachers’ drawing time and satisfy students’ thirst for knowledge.

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