As a new multimedia interactive terminal, the interactive all-in-one whiteboard covers eight functions such as projector, electronic whiteboard, computer, TV, audio, power amplifier and so on, bringing a lot of convenience for the development of society and the life of the masses.

Interactive all-in-one whiteboard for high-definition LCD display and operation platform, has written, notation, a painting, synchronous interaction, multimedia entertainment, network integration function, such as meetings, fusion hd display, human-computer interaction, multimedia information processing and network transmission technologies, such as office is in the information age, education, the preferred solution for graphic interactive demo.

Due to the development of interactive all-in-one machine technology, the emergence of large size and high-end new products promote the all-in-one machine products to expand the application of new fields, the business field, large exhibitions and activities have been incorporated into the all-in-one machine application jurisdiction, which means that the interactive all-in-one machine is not only limited to the education market, but also to the business market and high-end market.