In today’s education industry, multimedia touch all-in-one whiteboard machine is more and more popular, because whether it is kindergarten, primary school, middle school, interactive is essential, multimedia touch all-in-one whiteboard machine just has this advantage.

Multimedia touch all-in-one whiteboard machine has the advantages that electronic whiteboard does not have.For example, the display effect of LCD touch all – in – one machine.The resolution of the ordinary electronic whiteboard depends on the projector, usually 1024*768, and the resolution of the teaching all-in-one machine, it is generally 1920*1080, that is to say, the same picture in the electronic whiteboard and LCD all-in-one machine two products display effect is not the same.LCD touch all – in – one display screen will be more hd, realistic, color more rich and full.In addition, liquid crystal all-in-one machine it also has the characteristics of installation convenience, interaction and flexibility.

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