The market for multi-media touch whiteboards is growing faster than whiteboards, but it is not a threat.Because these two markets are growing, they’re not shrinking because of the growth of the whiteboard, they’re growing together.There are two reasons for the growth of the all-in-one touch whiteboard.First of all, as a new product, there is a sense of freshness to users in the market, and, a few large household appliance enterprises also join in this speculation together, is an important factor.Second, market needs are real.Because the teaching all-in-one machine is better than the electronic whiteboard in the display, touch and interaction, for example, the kindergarten is a very obvious example, children’s education on the display effect and touch, interaction requirements are high, but do not pay special attention to writing, so they prefer the teaching touch whiteboard.

Why is teaching touch whiteboard a trend?
It seems that the biggest difference between the multimedia touch whiteboard is that the resolution of hd, strong interaction can attract students, multi-function set to make the teacher operate more convenient, the modern society is an experience-type society, we all like large screen, hd, good visual effects of the product.If the user can be satisfied both in appearance and inside, the road of popularization of the teaching touch whiteboard is not far.

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