Innovative Technology

Qeoyo electronics, a leading supplier of electronics technology excels in offering comprehensive and indispensable solutions to suit your needs. With our expertise in research and development for the digital signage industry, Qeoyo prides itself in providing access to some of the most advanced and flexible products and technologies.

Temperature checking and attendance machine was born

In order to better prevent and control Covid-19 situation, our company has developed a face recognition temperature measurement and attendance […]

Who am I ? (Interactive panel manufacturer)

Guangzhou Qeoyo Technology Co., Ltd Q: Who are we? A: We are professional manufactory in production intelligent interactive flat panel, […]

Will the electronic whiteboard be eliminated by the teaching all-in-one whiteboard machine?

The market for multi-media touch whiteboards is growing faster than whiteboards, but it is not a threat.Because these two markets […]

The difference between electronic whiteboard and educational whiteboard all-in-one machine

In today’s education industry, multimedia touch all-in-one whiteboard machine is more and more popular, because whether it is kindergarten, primary […]

Specific performance of interactive electronic whiteboard in improving classroom efficiency

Interactive electronic whiteboard – Annotation, editing function When using the interactive electronic whiteboard, such as in the process of PPT […]