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With the continuous development of science and technology, teaching application equipment is constantly updated, from the traditional blackboard teaching to multimedia classroom, and now the interactive touch teaching, the equipment is more and more advanced, the teaching level is also higher and higher, the classroom interaction and fun is increasingly enhanced. Electronic whiteboard teaching touch […]

The interactive electronic whiteboard, which knows more about education than we do, determines the future of a country and is the basic project of national talent construction in the 21st century.How to fully improve students’ learning enthusiasm, promote the progress of education, with the help of teaching tools, the innovation of teaching methods has played […]

Multimedia digital Informatization has become an indispensable condition, and its scale and application level have become an important indicator to measure the comprehensive strength of school teaching and research. The rational use of multimedia integrated machine technology can help schools expand the scale of schooling, save teachers’ human resources, improve teachers’ work efficiency, and improve […]

Application background: Today, with the rapid development of information technology, people’s daily life is more and more closely integrated with the network and information. With the booming tourism industry and frequent business travel activities, guests staying at the hotel are not solving accommodation problems, but also solving entertainment. Business issues, in business, from senior management […]

Six In One Education Interactive whiteboard With the development of educational technology, the teaching model has developed rapidly. With the continuous development of high technology, a kind of science and technology integrating electricity, light and image has been inadvertently entered into the school, fully applied to the teaching of various subjects, and has been vigorously […]

1.Calibration: 9-point calibration, high positioning accuracy, advanced calibration algorithm 2. Document: New, Open, Edit, Save 3. Writing pen: ordinary pen, pen, brush, magic pen, laser pen, creative pen, highlighter, graphic recognition pen, Chinese handwriting recognition pen, customizable pen color, width 4. Eraser: erase, selective erase, clear page 5.Basic graphics: round, rectangular, isosceles triangle, right triangle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, […]

High degree of equipment integration; 2, dustproof, anti-theft, anti-bumping, convenient storage; 3, strong mobility, fully realized resource sharing, greatly improving the utilization of equipment; 4, easy to operate, simple and easy to control. Do not take up space and other advantages. 5, high economy With it, anytime, anywhere to carry out multimedia teaching is no […]

Qeoyo’s “Interactive Classroom System” adopts a new networked and information-based teaching environment, and meets various teaching environments such as classroom interactive teaching, group collaborative learning, and student personalized learning. It is designed to include a classroom. Activity design, interactive learning, primary school cooperative learning, classroom feedback and other functions, as well as cross-platform system software […]

It must be said that in the past, the traditional multimedia projector system combined with projector and computer was widely used in school teaching, corporate meetings or business applications, which improved the speed and intuitiveness of information dissemination. With the advancement of technology, people are constantly pursuing new things, and the lack of projectors in […]