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With the development of commercial and consumer environments, advertising needs are also growing, digital, networked, and information-based multimedia advertising machines have become a highlight of the advertising media market. In the domestic digital signage market, network size and application interaction are the development direction. Demand analysis LCD advertising machines have more scattered economic organizations in […]

In recent years, as digital signage has gradually replaced traditional paper propaganda, it has become more and more popular among customers in different fields. In particular, wall-mounted advertising machines have successfully provided professional touch-sensitive products and solutions, which have been increasingly recognized and used by the advertising industry. Its scientific and technological sense has left […]

LED advertising display system LED display has become one of the most powerful advertising channels as a new generation of digital media. The LED display is bright and bright, providing stunning visual effects and attracting more passers-by to maximize media value and highlight the commercial value of media resources. LED video wall LED video wall […]

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