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Smart Touch Board Product

It was powered by windows/android or dual operating system built-in.
Provided with annotation and collaborative software people can walk up to the screen and start brainstorming or paint pictures with the simple and intuitive interface. Interactive screens for classrooms and interactive whiteboards for business are the most ideal and modern all in one solution for classrooms and meeting rooms. It will take the place of that traditional equipment, such as an interactive whiteboard, speakers, TV, computer, and projector.


Use LG screen


National certificate


Manufactures 11 years



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Maurice / WIN LED

“A very good supplier with a trust index of 5 stars. People are very enthusiastic, especially Linda.”

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“Just tell them what your needs are. They will be able to satisfy you very well. Professional and passionate.”

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Guangzhou Qeoyo Technology Co., Ltd.

Qeoyo Touch is are professional factory in production interactive flat panel, Interactive whiteboard monitor, interactive smart board, smart Nano blackboard for school education and office meeting.  We can produce as per customized demand with solution. We produce interactive smart board/panel for our clients who are in education and meeting industry in oversea.

We are in Guangzhou of China,  welcome to our factory.

Looking forward to cooperate with you together to be good partner.

Tel/Whatsapp:+8613312824050                  Linda@qeoyo.com

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